Valiant Force Beginners Guide

The Strategy mobile RPG Valiant Force has launched. A decent beginners guide was posted on the official game forum along with an explanation of the faiths made by the game administrator.

Read the guide below

Valiant Force Beginners Guide

There are 6 different Faiths, as seen above and each new hero will come with one of the Faiths at random. The grade (Strong, Weak, etc) of how each Faith affect stats growth will never change. For example, the Ares faith will always have a “Strong” grade for ATK, thus it may be more suitable for the damage-dealing classes.

You can also re-roll your heroes’ Faith. Steps are seen below!

Step 1:

Click the button on the heroes’ name right-side to check out what Faith the particular hero has. If you feel the Faith does not fit your hero, you can go against destiny by clicking the green button afterwards “Reroll Faith”.

Valiant Force Beginners Guide

Step 2:

To re-roll Faith, you have to sacrifice a hero with the same rarity of the base hero. Example: If you want to reroll Theia’s (3-Stars) Faith, you must sacrifice a similar 3-Stars hero.

Valiant Force Beginners Guide

Step 3:

Confirm your decision, and make sure you have enough gold Then the system will change your hero’s Faith randomly!

Sup guys, notice there’s been a lot of same questions floating around with no answers, so I’ll try to provide a (hopefully) useful general guide for newbies.

Valiant Force Beginners Guide

Early game:

Should I re-roll? 
Generally the variants are pretty useful and good in their own way, so you’ll probably be good with regardless of what you get, though there have been people complaining that Lucile (the healer) is pretty useless and outclassed by Teresa (another 5 star capable healer). So if you get her, you could re-roll if you want?

Is *insert Faith here* good for *hero name*?
So the general consensus about the faiths are as below, but auras, skills and personal preference will also determine which is the “best” faith, so this is more of a general guide:







Here’s an explaination on what the different faiths do:

So now we’re done re-rolling 20 times for your prefer Valiant and faith, next comes

So 1 day into the game and you’ll probably realize that you can’t build everything, so yeah, you’ll have to choose, what building you can build depends on what size of land you have unlocked, for example you can only build gold mines on the “small-sized” plots of land (2×2), and you can only build one of each building. So, here comes the part most of you are really after:

Recommended buildings
Wishing well
Gold Mine
Iron Quarry (If you built the Armorsmith)
Gem Carven

This is a pretty important part imo, basically the equipment in this game are like pretty important, a level 25 naked Rin would have lower stats than a same Rin at level 1 with fully equiped un-upgraded 2 star equipment sets. So having the right gear could really help your team out a lot, so on to it:

How do I get equipments?
You can get them from
– Quest Drops
– Gold Summon (i.e. “free summon”)
– Gem Summon
– Event Missions
– Missions in general
– Crafting ( Armorsmith and Weapon Forge)