Unstoppable Icy 3 Musketeers Deck for Arena 8-9

Hi guys and gals, GalbersGaming here.

This weekend I came up against player after player with level 11 and 12 commons below 3500 and so I decided to embrace my higher level cards and start the journey to 4000. Previously I had only written guides on decks with 10/7/4/1 card levels capable of reaching 3500, which brings me to introduce my bread and butter deck, the Three Musketeers.

Back before Lightning became popular this deck was a beast but even now it still holds its own. The deck has various variations which I will go into later but right now I’m at 3969 trophies with the deck below, fingers crossed tomorrow I will cross the 4000 threshold:

Three musketeers (8)
Ice Golem (7)
Knight (10)
Goblins (11)
Ice Spirit (10)
Zap (11)
Mega Minion (7)
The Log (1)

Previous versions had the:

Miner instead of the Knight

Canon instead of the Mega Minion, this version was a little too defensive and could sometimes turn up a trash hand

For those who don’t have The Log, Arrows is a replacement

The deck is very methodical and is easy to use. The general strategy is to split push down both lanes using your tanks and splitting your musketeers. From here see how your opponent responds to both sides and next time react accordingly. You will find that generally your opponent will struggle to stop both attacks without taking tower damage allowing you to rinse and repeat your split push, chipping his tower(s) lower and lower.

Tech Tips:

The Three Musketeers when placed should nearly always split up, two down one side and one down another. When the opponent is a tower down, to split your musketeers they have to be placed at least four tiles forward of your King’s Tower.

Ice Golem and Zap will kill Minions

Ice Spirit and Goblins is a cheap and potent combination in both defence and attack

If the opponent is dropping Barbarians to defend and kill your Muskets, have the Ice Spirit follow the Muskets and then use Log to push the frozen Barbs back. This should keep your Muskets alive and give you a positive elixir exchange.

Be cautious of greed, dropping your three musketeers in the heart of the enemy’s side to take the second tower can be exactly what the opponent wants you to do. Only do this to finish the game and if the opponent has no quick answer.

Top Tip: if you can, defending against a push from your opponent with your three musketeers can make for a terrifying counter push.

Potential problems:

Lightning: so far I have gone two wins in ten games versus Lightning…To stand a chance you have to use your other cards and if the opponent uses their Lightning try to take advantage of the limited time before they cycle back round to it.

Fireball: if the opponents’ Fireball is a level higher than your Musketeers this is worse than Lightning as it will one shot your Muskies for two elixir less. However, so long as this is not the case the opponent will have to use either Log or Zap to finish of your two Muskies which is fine as your untouched Musketeer on the other side got into the arena for three Elixir (nine elixir for Three Musketeers equals three elixir per Musketeer), one less elixir than normal. Just make sure not to allow your opponent to fireball two of your Musketeers on the tower he/she wants to destroy.

Fast chip decks: due to their flexibility they can deal with the split push pretty well. Minimise the damage in normal time and then start your split push just before overtime kicks in.

This deck has served me well. It was the first deck to boost me over the 3000 trophy mark back when the reset was at that level and still works very well now. It does not work well against Lightning users which is a pain, however against most other decks it stands up well, just make sure your Three Muskies are at the same level of Fireballs that you are coming up against. If you have any questions let me know and please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel Galbers Gaming for more strategy, guides and tips in Clash Royale, it really does help and allows me to produce the content like the article you are reading right now .

ArcheAge, You Should Give It Another Try

(Warning, this article will contain my personal story with ArcheAge, and might stray off topic for a bit.)

Archeage was easily one of the most hyped MMORPG’s of the last 10 years. Everyone thought it would be the genre’s messiah, and for a while it was. Indeed, the Alpha version of the game was close enough to perfection. The game was so enjoyable that a lot of players, myself included, ended up getting the $150 founder pack. It started getting it’s issues after the official release, but even then it was still fun. I never regretted buying it, and even now I don’t. So what went wrong?

First of all, Trion went back on their own words regarding their no tricks, to traps policy. Defend them as you wish, but they went back on this promise when they started including items they swore would never appear in the cash shop, turned craftable items into cash shop items, and even failed to deliver a founder pack reward (cash shop discount). They recently even, intentionally or not, admitted that the game was Pay-to-Win.

Next was it’s tagline that most of you should be familiar with now: Craft, Claim, Conquer. Sure you can craft, but are greatly limited by rare ingredients and absurd profession requirements (alchemy being worse off than the other professions). Claim? If you don’t want to spend hundreds of gold to buy some land, you can always go on a dead server to find some. As for conquering, it did exist for a while. But soon enough, you had to swipe your credit card to upgrade your gear and be good enough.

ArcheAge, You Should Give It Another Try

But in all honesty, while the above have been annoying, I wouldn’t have left if it was all about that. My main issue was with how they managed the launches and updates. The early access for founders was bad enough. I was stuck in a queue from day one, and was disconnected twice before being able to make it in. And that was all after the launcher itself had an error. You’ll have guessed it, by the time I was in the game, the land I wanted was all gone, and I had to settle for my third choice. But I still stuck around. This happens with nearly every new MMO.

A few days later, the game went launched for free players as well. Honestly, no one expected it to go well. We all knew the server would get overpopulated and the queues would be a disaster. But clearly, Trion didn’t, or they simply didn’t care. I’ll be crude, I didn’t care either. While the free players were stuck in their queues of 2000 – 3000 players, I was rather comfortable in my patron one. They even made it so that you kept your slot in the game if you got disconnected, so the experience wasn’t entirely bad for me.

What really went wrong was Auroria. I had been excited about this update for weeks. I wanted it to happen ASAP. I sold all my land with the desire to relocate there, and spent gold on buying designs and materials. On the promised day I was both excited and nervous. I knew I would probably have to fight to CLAIM some land, but I was confident I could do it. But of course, things didn’t go as planned. I still don’t get how they managed to mess up an update that was already live in other versions of the game, but they did. Myself and a number of other players were unable to login. The issue went on for hours, and by the time we were finally able to get on, all the land was gone. I was upset, bitter. A whole week of preparation and I ended up with nothing. So I left. I gave away the Apex I had left, some of my gear, and worker’s compensation pots.

Then, a couple of weeks ago I was looking for a game to write about. ArcheAge popped up, and I figured I’d check if there was any worthy topic. I expected nothing out of the game. I didn’t even expect my account to even be alive. But it was. So I took out my clipper on a sail for old times’ sake. And without exaggerations, that was the most fun I’ve had in a MMO, or any online game for that matter, these last two years. The freedom to explore, my ships, the rewarding feeling of completing a trade run, I was immediately drawn back to it all. It took a few weeks of convincing, but I managed to get my friends to give it a try with me, and it has been a great experience so far. I remembered all about why I loved the game. I also realized that I didn’t leave because I didn’t like the game. I left because I didn’t like the way Trion had handled it.

My return was also rewarded with a number of Homecoming gifts (most having a timer of 30mins), including Heroic equipment, an Apex Squall, and Fishing Longliner, and so on.

So yes, if you are one of those that left the game for any reason whatsoever give it another try, preferably before the 3.0 launch so that you can have a good idea of the end game and decide if you would like to invest your time into the game again.

Evil Factory First Impressions: It’s All About Fighting Cool yet Hard Bosses

From the Beginning, I liked this game. With a mix of Bomberman, the principles of Shadow of the Colossus if I dare say, and any Bullet Hell game you can think of, this caught my attention. I have some gameplay of myself I posted to YouTube, just to show you a few mechanics, and I feel like I have to get the worst out of the way first.

This game is free to play. It has timers for upgrades and a free box that comes in on a daily basis. You get a certian ammount of tries until you have to wait until a meter fills back up. In short, this will take your time and much effort will be spent on perfect runs. From the gameplay alone, you can see I made stupid mistakes that costed me.

In the end, as the video showed, I prevailed, only to be shut down time and time again by the next boss. Yes, this is all about boss fights, and as you go along, they get cooler and cooler as much as they get harder and harder. As of right now, this game is soft launched in the Phillipines. But of course, with the English translation as you can see, it will be coming soon to other regions.

As always, hope you enjoyed the First Impressions ofo Evil Factory and please leave any comments down below.

Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Lineage Eternal will start the first closed beta on November 30 and the game will allow players to recruit and play as 13 hero classes. You will not play a single class but instead choose 4 hero classes to form your squad. You will lead the squad and be able to switch between the 4 heroes you choose.

Each hero has unique weapon, an attribution, a combat type, and some abilities (the official site just reveals one ability for each hero at the moment).


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Battle axe
Attribution: Metal
Combat type: Charge
Special Ability: Enrage himself and boost combat power


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Orb
Attribution: Water
Combat type:Support
Special Ability: Cast a blizzard to the targeted area


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Dagger
Attribution: Metal
Combat type: Attack
Special Ability: Hide in shadow and sneak to the target


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Crossbow
Attribution: Wind
Combat type: Attack
Special Ability: Hawkeye – boost attack speed


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Large shield
Attribution: Mountain (Earth)
Combat type: Charge
Special Ability: Turn himself to a moving wall and immune all physical damage


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Whip
Attribution: Darkness
Combat type: Support
Special Ability: Control a target and make it fight for you


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Lance
Attribution: Light
Combat type: Charge
Special Ability: Swing his lance and deal area damage to enemies in the range


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Staff
Attribution: Fire
Combat type: Attack
Special Ability: Summon a fire spirit to enhance an ability


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Knuckle
Attribution: Light
Combat type: Charge
Special Ability: Trigger the runes to get explosive combat power


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Large Sword
Attribution: Darkness
Combat type: Charge
Special Ability: Summon and ride a hell steed to fight


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Dark staff
Attribution: Darkness
Combat type: Attack
Special Ability: Place a magic circle to targeted area and deal continuous damage to enemies inside


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Long bow
Attribution: Wind
Combat type: Attack
Special Ability: Shoot a triple-shot to targeted area


Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

Weapon: Light staff
Attribution: Light
Combat type: Support
Special Ability: Heal a targeted ally

ASTA Open Beta Won’t Happen in January, Delayed Indefinitely

ASTA is originally a Korean MMORPG but sadly it ceased its service in Korea last August. However, Webzen took the game to the western market and the producer believes there’s great potential for ASTA in the west. The game was scheduled to launch open beta somewhere in January, but Webzen announced today the open beta is delayed in response to player feedbacks.

The reception the game got from you, the community, has been exceptional, something most of you will know is not guaranteed for a game like ours in Western markets. We are of course very happy to see such potential in our game, and it lead us to re-focus our own priorities during pre-production, moving away from releasing the game as fast as possible in order to put more emphasis on its quality. Unfortunately, we have encountered some delays particularly related to the voice-over recording and translation process, but also with some of the technical aspects of the game’s release, and as all of us know, quality takes time.

No announcement will be made until Webzen are convinced ASTA is of the best possible quality. As an additional note, players who participated in the IBT will receive a custom title at the start of the open beta test.

League of Angels II First Expansion Launches Today

The epic free to play MMORPG League of Angels II from GTArcade has attracted 30 million players from 45 countries and launched over 1,000 servers since its release. Selected as Facebook’s Featured Game on 3 separate occasions, LoA2 quickly swept across North American, Europe, and Asia. Today marks the release of LoA2’s first Expansion: Angel of Desire! The Eternal War reignites and a new generation of Angels will lead players to a new era!

Powerful New Additions to the Squad

League of Angels II First Expansion Launches Today

As a key figure in the history of Sapphire, Dora, the Angel of Desire, has finally revealed herself. Some observant players may remember in the first Chapter of the Main Story Dungeon, Dora once appeared to have a little chat with Mikaela. Born as a princess of the Angels and raised in the upper nobility, Dora descends on Sapphire with the title of “the Best Support”. Will she have a big impact on the current squad formations?

League of Angels II First Expansion Launches Today

Additionally, Dora has also brought her Soul Arm: The Staff of Desire. Burning with a violet flame, this staff serves as the best carrier of Enchantment. The Staff of Desire can deal great AOE damage, as well as restore Rage to your entire squad. How will you take advantage of this Soul Arm in battle? It’s time to discover new strategies!

New Cross-server Game Mode: Eternal War


The Eternal War officially launches today! Last week, this mode was released on EST Servers in advance and drew mass interest from players. The Eternal War is an experience that’s completely different than anything players have seen in LoA2 so far. Players can join Legions, which are divided into 3 Elemental Factions: Fire, Water, and Wind, and wage war across a huge battlefield over territory and resources. Build weapons of destruction and deploy strategy and tactics to crush your enemies. You’ve never experienced anything like this!

The Season of Giving

As the annual shopping frenzy known as Black Friday approaches, League of Angels II is preparing multiple events to bring amazing bargains to all players! Lucky Bar is back and giving out 5× prizes, including Dora Shards and Staff of Desire Shards. Special Elemental Orbs will drop from Elite Dungeon that can be exchanged for more rewards. In addition, there will be special Recharge events for the Expansion and a Group Deal for Mythic Heroes.

League of Angels II: Angel of Desire is now out and brand new challenges await the warriors of Sapphire! Who can form the greates Legion to conquer this new battlefield? Who will win the glory of the Eternal War and become its greatest champion?

Valiant Force Beginners Guide

The Strategy mobile RPG Valiant Force has launched. A decent beginners guide was posted on the official game forum along with an explanation of the faiths made by the game administrator.

Read the guide below

Valiant Force Beginners Guide

There are 6 different Faiths, as seen above and each new hero will come with one of the Faiths at random. The grade (Strong, Weak, etc) of how each Faith affect stats growth will never change. For example, the Ares faith will always have a “Strong” grade for ATK, thus it may be more suitable for the damage-dealing classes.

You can also re-roll your heroes’ Faith. Steps are seen below!

Step 1:

Click the button on the heroes’ name right-side to check out what Faith the particular hero has. If you feel the Faith does not fit your hero, you can go against destiny by clicking the green button afterwards “Reroll Faith”.

Valiant Force Beginners Guide

Step 2:

To re-roll Faith, you have to sacrifice a hero with the same rarity of the base hero. Example: If you want to reroll Theia’s (3-Stars) Faith, you must sacrifice a similar 3-Stars hero.

Valiant Force Beginners Guide

Step 3:

Confirm your decision, and make sure you have enough gold Then the system will change your hero’s Faith randomly!

Sup guys, notice there’s been a lot of same questions floating around with no answers, so I’ll try to provide a (hopefully) useful general guide for newbies.

Valiant Force Beginners Guide

Early game:

Should I re-roll? 
Generally the variants are pretty useful and good in their own way, so you’ll probably be good with regardless of what you get, though there have been people complaining that Lucile (the healer) is pretty useless and outclassed by Teresa (another 5 star capable healer). So if you get her, you could re-roll if you want?

Is *insert Faith here* good for *hero name*?
So the general consensus about the faiths are as below, but auras, skills and personal preference will also determine which is the “best” faith, so this is more of a general guide:







Here’s an explaination on what the different faiths do:

So now we’re done re-rolling 20 times for your prefer Valiant and faith, next comes

So 1 day into the game and you’ll probably realize that you can’t build everything, so yeah, you’ll have to choose, what building you can build depends on what size of land you have unlocked, for example you can only build gold mines on the “small-sized” plots of land (2×2), and you can only build one of each building. So, here comes the part most of you are really after:

Recommended buildings
Wishing well
Gold Mine
Iron Quarry (If you built the Armorsmith)
Gem Carven

This is a pretty important part imo, basically the equipment in this game are like pretty important, a level 25 naked Rin would have lower stats than a same Rin at level 1 with fully equiped un-upgraded 2 star equipment sets. So having the right gear could really help your team out a lot, so on to it:

How do I get equipments?
You can get them from
– Quest Drops
– Gold Summon (i.e. “free summon”)
– Gem Summon
– Event Missions
– Missions in general
– Crafting ( Armorsmith and Weapon Forge)