MU Legend Ranking Procedure Knowledge

Click on the Ranking icon at the top of the screen, or press hotkey [V] to go to the main Rankings page. Now MU2ZEN shares with you The MU Legend Ranking Procedure Knowledge. MU2ZEN as a professional Mu Legend zen web page provides safe, quick and low-cost Mu legend Magic Gem for you. Rates commence at Andriod, ios, Pc. With more than ten years of excellence, we’ve served a huge number of clients. In the event you are hesitating where to purchase Mu Legend Items, MU2ZEN will be a very good option.

Mu legend Rankings Checklist: Click a category to view the pertinent rankings for the day.
– See Data: It really is attainable to check them every day ranking information appropriate here.
At present, this may be only accessible while in the [Character > Fight Power] and [Mission Map > AI Arena] classes.
– Rankings Most critical Screen: You are able to test ranking categories, time of rankings calculation and your character’s ranking.
Enter a character name to appear for and check that character’s ranking.
– Character Information Screen: This demonstrates the picked character’s search, and anytime you click on [Character Info] you are able to see detailed specifics for that character.

MU Legend Ranking Program Information

1. Character Rankings
– Combat Power: Exhibits the rankings of level-65 characters with all of the highest fight power.
– Soul Degree: Demonstrates level-65 characters with highest Soul ranges and quantities of EXP.
– Zen: Shows level-65 characters using the most mu legend Zen.
– Magic Gem: Displays level-65 characters employing essentially the most Magic Gems.

2. Epic-Dungeon Rankings
– Dragon’s Haven: Exhibits characters that cleared Dragon’s Haven in Epic V mode within the least quantity of time.
– Sanctum of Dragon Knights: Displays characters that cleared the Sanctum of Dragon Knights in Epic V mode while in the least volume of time.

3. Mission-Map Rankings
– Countless Tower: Shows characters that cleared in essence quite possibly the most floors inside the Endless Tower inside of the least quantity of time.
– Blood Castle: Displays characters that cleared Blood Castle from the least quantity of time.
– Lupa’s Labyrinth: Exhibits characters that cleared the highest degree of Lupa’s Labyrinth inside of the least quantity of time.
– AI Arena: Demonstrates characters with the most AI Arena winning factors.

4. Mythic-Dungeon Rankings
– Heath Mine: Exhibits characters that cleared the Heath Mine in Mythic V mode while in the least level of time.
– Sky Temple: Displays characters that cleared the Sky Temple in Mythic V mode from the least amount of time.
– Pit of Nightmares: Shows characters that cleared the Pit of Nightmares in Mythic V mode inside the least quantity of time.

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