Evil Factory First Impressions: It’s All About Fighting Cool yet Hard Bosses

From the Beginning, I liked this game. With a mix of Bomberman, the principles of Shadow of the Colossus if I dare say, and any Bullet Hell game you can think of, this caught my attention. I have some gameplay of myself I posted to YouTube, just to show you a few mechanics, and I feel like I have to get the worst out of the way first.

This game is free to play. It has timers for upgrades and a free box that comes in on a daily basis. You get a certian ammount of tries until you have to wait until a meter fills back up. In short, this will take your time and much effort will be spent on perfect runs. From the gameplay alone, you can see I made stupid mistakes that costed me.

In the end, as the video showed, I prevailed, only to be shut down time and time again by the next boss. Yes, this is all about boss fights, and as you go along, they get cooler and cooler as much as they get harder and harder. As of right now, this game is soft launched in the Phillipines. But of course, with the English translation as you can see, it will be coming soon to other regions.

As always, hope you enjoyed the First Impressions ofo Evil Factory and please leave any comments down below.

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