Push To Arena 10 (4000+ Trophies) with Low-Tier Deck

I’ve always loved to play low-tier cards, because they are a mindgame. This deck is especially amazing in that regard as it uses some of the most unusual baits and pushes that seem much less threatening than they actually are. To give you an idea of how low-tier this deck is, according to StatsRoyale.com, the odds of you facing a deck without any of these cards in it is around 40%. That’s including Arrows and Minion Horde!

On to the guide. As always, feel free to skip around, leave snide remarks, and/or tell me how the deck works out for you.

The Deck:

Push To Arena 10 (4000+ Trophies) with Low-Tier Deck

Three Musketeers- These are the power card in your deck. They are mostly going to be used for defending, then split pushing. Almost always place then in the middle for the best counter-push. Add a small tank, and they can deal serious damage to a tower.
Giant Skeleton- The biggest tank in the deck. Every card in the deck pairs well with him. If he makes it to the tower, a clone spell will insure the tower’s death.
Minion Horde- A good complement to Three Musketeers. They bait Fireball for each other and stop even the largest of pushes in their tracks.
Dark Prince- The secondary tank and most reliable card, thanks to his shield. His biggest benefits are countering Barbarians and surrounding Skeleton Armies for both the Musketeers and Giant Skeleton.
Clone- An amazing complement to most pushes. Spell-proof on Dark Prince, and creates lots of damage on everything else.
Goblin Barrel- The Zap bait and a massive damage dealer of tanked for. Thrown often as a distraction and pairs wonderfully with Giant Skeleton.
Elixir Collector- Generally pretty safe in this deck with all of the Fireball bait. Beware of Miner, though, as this deck is not suited for stopping him. Allows for some bigger pushes before overtime.
Arrows- Little explanation needed. Don’t be afraid to take out Princess if the opponent isn’t using a spell bait deck.

The General Gameplan
You want to analyze your opponent’s deck and decide on how to play quickly. This deck plays very differently each round, so practice deciding how to play quickly.

If they tend to throw down token pushes (Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians) save Three Musketeers in hand for a quick stop to them. Push back and slowly chip down with small support to each side. Get Collectors down, but also don’t be afraid to sit at ten elixir when you know that they are about to attack. Make sure to slightly change the timing and positioning so that they don’t counter. Save Giant Skeleton as a surprise.

If they try for a slow build-up push, respond with distraction to the other lane (usually Goblin Barrel, and use tank and spank to pull off defending. Or, you can try to use a Giant Skeleton+Goblin Barrel push on the side that they are pushing. It will also kill many support troops. Another good response for less urgent attacks (Golem in the back, for example) is to waste their time on the other lane with Giant Skeleton and support (a threat they practically have to answer). This deck is high DPS, so you will win a three-crown rush.

If the opponent plays super defensively, build a large push on one side, and have something smal on the other. Slowly chip down the opposite lane and surprise them with different pushes every time (especially where they can out-cycle you).

Use lots of good defense, but when an opportunity arises, jump in headfirst and don’t look back. A small mistake on your opponent’s part can easily turn the battle in your favor.

Offensive Combos
Split Musketeer Supports

-Dark Prince on the two side is amazing. Some of the most common responses to the two Musketeers are Fireball, Skeleton Army, and Barbarians. His shield is anti- Fireball, his charge splash wrecks Skarmy, and with the help of Musketeers…

they can kill the Barbarians in four shots and go on to take a tower.

-Goblin Barrel can both tank for and be ranked for by the Musketeer. If the Barrel lands before the Musketeer crosses the bridge, the tower will take six shots to handle the Goblins while the Musketeer isfiring away. If it lands after she crosses, the Goblins can wreak havoc while the tower is stuck handling the Musketeer. Lots of damage either way.

-Giant Skeleton can only go in front after you have a Collector down. It isn’t advisable to do unless you are fairly certain that the opponent can’t counter it.

Giant Skeleton Pushes

-Paired with Goblin Barrel, the Giant Skeleton can easily take the second tower (which will surprise opponents expecting Three Musketeers in the middle). Imagine a Goblin Barrel headed for your second tower. It seems like something you can afford to let go without taking much damage until…

there is suddenly a Giant Skeleton in the center of your side. You have to stop the Goblins now, and by the time you do that, Giant Skeleton made it to the tower.

-Giant Skeleton with Dark Prince and Clone is deadly.

Make sure that the cloned Skeleton goes first if you aren’t sure what they have to defend with. He will drop a bomb for cover in case of air troops, Valkyrie, etc. The Princes push the Skeleton super fast to the tower, and any ground troop in their way will take a huge amount of damage from the two charging Dark Princes (instant Barbarian death). And the best part: The Princes both can survive a spell with their shields, so the opponent can’t take out the clone easily.


Dark Prince and Goblin Barrel makes for a great starting push. Drop the Barrel and instantly follow it with the Dark Prince centered on the bridge (just tap their tower for both placements). He will distract the tower with perfect timing. Even with Archers to take out the Barrel, this deals over 1000 damage, so it’s nice.

Ending Words
This deck has a ton of weird pushes and synergies that you can improvise as you go to play. It is heavy, so you need to be careful, but at the same time, you need to take advantage of any openings, since this deck can take a crown from even the slightest mistake. It got me to 4000 trophies with cards on average 0.125 levels below tournament standards. So far, I can honestly put it into my top three favorite decks to play. Good luck, and the real reason I built this deck: Have Fun!