ASTA Open Beta Won’t Happen in January, Delayed Indefinitely

ASTA is originally a Korean MMORPG but sadly it ceased its service in Korea last August. However, Webzen took the game to the western market and the producer believes there’s great potential for ASTA in the west. The game was scheduled to launch open beta somewhere in January, but Webzen announced today the open beta is delayed in response to player feedbacks.

The reception the game got from you, the community, has been exceptional, something most of you will know is not guaranteed for a game like ours in Western markets. We are of course very happy to see such potential in our game, and it lead us to re-focus our own priorities during pre-production, moving away from releasing the game as fast as possible in order to put more emphasis on its quality. Unfortunately, we have encountered some delays particularly related to the voice-over recording and translation process, but also with some of the technical aspects of the game’s release, and as all of us know, quality takes time.

No announcement will be made until Webzen are convinced ASTA is of the best possible quality. As an additional note, players who participated in the IBT will receive a custom title at the start of the open beta test.